Davao Attractions: 3 Popular Destinations in Davao City

When in Davao, what to do?

The largest city in Mindanao in terms of population and land area is not Boracay, not Baguio either, and certainly not Palawan. This city has indeed a charm on its own that captures interest from both local and foreign tourists each year.

Blame it on the lower cost of living, or the incredibly low crime rate, or anything else for that matter, but Davao is paving its way to become the more laid­back brother of Cebu ­ both equally delightful in their different ways.

The city isn’t only the catch basin of Mindanao in terms of commerce and trade, the city also houses great art from prominent local artists, the likes of Kublai Ponce Millan. The Ponce Suites Gallery Hotel houses Kublai’s work and is one of the top hotels in Davao City.

One of the many reasons why the city is a top destination is because of the big 3 Davao attractions. Don’t miss these tourist trifecta the next time you pay the city a visit.

1. Eden’s Nature Park

Eden's Nature Park

Part­nature, part­business, full leisure hideaway, Eden’s Nature Park may arguably Davao’s “it” destination. Featuring an array of nature activities, hotel amenities, glorious food and a full view and access of landscaped nature ­ it’s a respite from the buzz of city living.

Get the Eco Adventure package for an authentic pine tree, strawberries and wild flowers experience. Accompanied with lunch and snacks, elevate your experience in nature through communing with its brazen glory, basking in natural light, and breathing in fresh breeze.

2. Crocodile Park

Davao Crocodile Park

You haven’t been to Davao when you have not toured its famous crocodile park. Once a sanctuary for local crocodiles, the park is now a prolific business hub featuring dishes of crocodile meat, its sprawling zoo life, and the animal talent showcases.

The park is famous for its bird shows, and annual holiday celebrations. Spend your Easter hunting for ostrich eggs, or get up close and personal with the majestic Davao eagles.

3. People’s Park

People's Park

People’s Park is one of Davao’s public parks, located at the heart of the metro. The park is known for it’s Durian­like dome, with sculptures from Kublai Ponce Millan sparsely scattered depicting the indigenous culture.

The park is famous as a night scene spot ­ the dancing fountain at its center attraction. It can be accessed easily by just asking for directions from the locals. But if you want someone, a tour guide who can give you a barrage of details regarding the park – its artworks, remember one of best Davao hotels – Ponce Suites Gallery Hotel.

To tour these big three Davao attractions, make sure to book your stay at Ponce Suites Gallery Hotel. Phonebook the number my friend +63 82 227 9070.

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