Ponce Suites Gallery Hotel: A Place to Relax, Reflect and Sweep Away Your Worries

Hotels are made to serve one major purpose – to act as halfway houses for travelers and visitors. Apart from serving as “places to stay” (as well as relaxation), they are also equipped with a wide array of amenities to make the guests’ stay enjoyable and memorable. Well, that’s how one of Davao best hotels has been offering to their guests. Which hotel?

It’s no other than the Ponce Suites Gallery Hotel!

If you’re planning to visit Davao, and now looking to stay in a hotel that doubles as an art museum and a great place to contemplate on the meaning and essence of life, then this is the exact place for you.

Ponce Suites Gallery Hotel


Ponce Suites Gallery Hotel


Affordable Daily Rates, Unique Artworks

Ponce Suites Gallery Hotel is now considered as one of the most unique tourist spots in Davao. Its rooms are cozy and spacious, the daily rates are so affordable, the hotel staffs are courteous, and the food is delicious too. But that’s not the end of the story.

It’s actually not your usual hotel, because from the moment you reach the entrance, until you enter the lobby and walk to the hotel rooms, you will enjoy a visual feast of various pieces of art – from still-life paintings to wooden and metal sculptures, murals, oil and canvass paintings, poetry, and more.

Ponce Suites Gallery Hotel

So you’re now thinking that this hotel is kind of unusual? (It’s not like that!) It’s just because, the hotel is owned by the family of one of the city’s most popular artists – Kublai Ponce Millan.

Witness Kublai’s Artworks and Get Transported to a Bygone, Mysterious Era

Almost all of Kublai’s artworks evoke the mystery and magic of a long-gone era – a period where the tribes of Mindanao were living in peace, the lush forests were intact, the rivers and lakes were pristine.

The mystery and magic of Kublai’s artworks could make you pause, and reflect on the piece that transpired through the years. And once you realize that the centuries-old traditions are now a figment of the past, you’ll learn to value them, and maybe start to question what your direction in life is, and what your goals are as well.

Kublai’s paintings, wood and metal sculptures, poetry, and other unique artworks can be also found all over the city – from the entrance of the Davao International Airport, The People’s Park, along the national highway that connects Davao City and the province of Bukidnon (Buda).

The three entrances in Davao City: Lasang, Davao City – the giant waling-waling comes alive. In Toril, the Durian Fruit, and in Buda, the 25-foot high “eagle” – the only monkey-eating eagle in the world. Upon departure at the Davao International Airport, on the wall fronting the VIP Lounge, a mural by Kublai and he invited other artists too to come up with this mural.

Now, isn’t this a great place to stay?

Perhaps, one of the best things about staying in the Ponce Suites Gallery Hotel is that apart from getting great hotel deals, you’ll be also mesmerized by the uniqueness and allure of Kublai’s various creations – recycled bottles made into bats carrying a boatman, deer posing “dear” to each other… and a “loner” frog.

Here, you’ll see large sculptures of men wearing the traditional Bagobo attire (the Bagobos are one of Davao’s earliest inhabitants), and a brass sculpture of a durian fruit, which lies half-open – showing images.

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