Ponce Suites Gallery Hotel: The Art Hotel You Should Stay

Planning to visit Davao soon? Skip booking on hotels without substance and get acquainted with the local art scene through reserving a night or two at one of most unconventional hotels in the city ­ Ponce Suites Gallery Hotel.

Ponce Suites Gallery Hotel is one of the top hotels in Davao, with a singular aesthetic nothing else in the metro offers. Part­hotel, part­museum, Ponce Suites is whimsical and unapologetic hotel that knows who it is, what it stands for, and what it can offer.

Why Ponce Suites?

Davao City, as the main center for trade and commerce in Mindanao, is hounded with local, national and foreign tourists every year. The best Davao hotels accommodate this influx of tourists gracefully, thanks to a healthy number of hotels, motels and travelers’ inns. To say the hospitality industry of the city is flourishing is an understatement.

Amidst the burgeoning number of hotels, creating a unique experience became the differentiation in order to rise up on top. When you want a commercial stay, go for the high risers and the hotel chains; when you want a nondescript accommodation, go for the any motel lined up on the city streets.

When you want a truly cultural immersion of the city, go for Ponce Suites!

From Kublai Ponce Millan’s painting pieces to thought­provoking sculptures down to the distinctive city art tour, Ponce Suites is certainly not a disappointment.

There’s more art in Ponce Suites than anywhere else in a 5km radius.

Ponce Suites Gallery Hotel

Ponce Suites Gallery Hotel

Ponce Suites Gallery Hotel

Ponce Suites Gallery Hotel’s entrance welcomes you with sculptures. The front desk’s backdrop is an art installation. The walls are blocked with paintings. The event room’s ceiling is charted with psychedelic patterns. The walks adorned with themed sets of paintings. This hotel is arts everywhere! Art around the corner; art on every nook and cranny!

You would have thought all this art convened in one place would somehow make the hotel tacky ­ but it doesn’t. It holds off its charm, while feasting the eyes and exciting the soul.

In retrospect, all the art viewing would cost you at least an exclusive invitation. All the works are from Kublai Ponce Millan, Davao’s most accomplished artist who has exhibited the NATIVITY in art forms at St. Peter’s Square, beside the obelisk, in Vatican City in 2010.

That’s where the beauty of staying at Ponce Suites Gallery Hotel lies ­ you get your money’s worth in accommodation while getting into the deep end of the art scene.

In itself, the hotel is not a business anymore ­ as it stands, it’s one of Davao attractions that locals would be proud of.

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