Why The Ponce Suites Gallery Hotel is The Best Place to Stay During the Kadayawan Festival?

If you’re planning to visit Davao, perhaps, the best time to visit this progressive and peaceful city would be in the middle of August. Why in August? It’s because this is when the “Kadayawan Festival” takes place. What is Kadayawan, by the way?

Kadayawan Festival, a world-famous event, is a week-long celebration of thanksgiving, where the city and the region’s different tribes thank nature and the Almighty for the bountiful harvests of fruits, vegetables and other treats. Some Davao tourist attractions play a huge role during this grand event.

What Happens During The Kadayawan Festival?

The Kadayawan Festival is celebrated on the second week of August. Visitors can enjoy feasting on bountiful harvests of fruits, vegetables, fresh flowers, and other delectable local food treats during this event. Traditionally, the streets also come alive with the dancing of different contingents from around the island of Mindanao, who regularly participate in the “Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan.”

In the past, one of the highlights of the festival is the coronation of the Mutya ng Kadayawan or Miss Kadayawan, and the parade of colorful floral floats. Various trade fairs and flower exhibits also take place in different venues, from the People’s Park to the various malls and shopping centers.

Yes, I want to witness Kadayawan Festival. But where should I stay?

If you’re looking for nice and affordable hotels in Davao City during this occasion, stay at the Ponce Suites Gallery Hotel. It’s not just a regular hotel but it’s also one of the most unique tourist spots in Davao. This is a place that offers the best hotel deals and at the same time provides visitors a rare, out-of-the-box immersion in art. Here, you’ll find colorful displays of various types of artwork, courtesy of Kublai Ponce Millan, one of Davao’s most iconic artists.

What Makes the Hotel A Great Place to Stay?

There are a lot of great reasons for staying at Ponce Suites Gallery Hotel. For starters, the hotel rooms are cozy and nice. The hallways are full of countless eye-catching paintings, poetry, murals and sculptures. The hotel staff is very courteous and helpful, and the food is extremely delicious too. Aside from these great things, you’ll not worry about travelling too far. It’s because the hotel’s location is just a couple of minutes from the downtown area! Check the Google map.

But what’s with the art?

If you’re wondering why there’s a display of various pieces of intriguing artwork in this hotel, it’s because Kublai Ponce Millan’s family owns it. This explains why Ponce Suites turned into a vibrant and mesmerizing art gallery! Soon to be a museum hotel.

So if you’re planning to visit Davao this Kadayawan Festival, make sure you stay at the Ponce Suites Gallery Hotel, one of best (and most unique) Davao budget hotels.

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